About Us

The brainchild of AlWazzan Food Stuff Industries Group, Hectare’s is an enterprising snack food brand that incorporates a dedication to exciting, artisanal flavours with a commitment to style that influences everything from its packaging to the factories in which its products are created. Combining a craftsman’s dedication to quality and globally sourced ingredients with a mastery of modern technology, Hectare’s have seized the opportunity to offer healthy, great tasting crisps and popcorn to the snack food market.


We seek to integrate stylish, contemporary aesthetics with our long-established dedication to traditional, artisanal flavours, ingredients and methods of production. Our passion for our products influences our practices from the factory floor, throughout the branding, to the snacks themselves.

We were inspired to create a destination that would reflect our beliefs and we are delighted to invite our partners, traders and educational establishments to see for themselves how Hectare’s are made.


At Hectare’s, we want to extend the excellent reputation we have secured in The Middle East and attract a wider, global audience.

Our creativity and our adoption of cutting-edge technology make us distinct and unique whilst our commitment to openness attracts a broad range of customers who appreciate The Hectare’s ethos: incorporating an artisanal approach to design and production with an assurance of quality.